Robert S. Langer

Robert Langer
  • 1997-1998
Robert S. Langer
Wednesday, March 11, 1998
Huntington Hall, MIT Room 10-250
4:30 pm
Biomaterials and How They Will Change Our Lives

In honoring Robert Langer’s personal contributions to the MIT community and to the larger world, the Killian Award selection committee said, “Using his background in polymer science, which he learned largely here at MIT, Bob Langer has become the leader in applying polymer chemistry to several distinct areas in the discipline of pharmacology. Bob has been the leader in the development of polymeric drug delivery systems that allow humans to receive drugs in a physiologically normal manner.” The next decade brought Professor Langer many honors, including being named David H. Koch Institute Professor and winning the National Medal Science and the Millennium Technology Prize. In his Killian Lecture, he explored his experiences in the field, reviewed what has been accomplished to date, and described his hopes for the future. Read more at MIT News.