Hermann A. Haus

Hermann A. Haus photo
  • 1982-1983
Hermann A. Haus
April 1983
"On Learning and Teaching and Electrodynamics" and "Noise, the Uncertainty Principle, and Picosecond Optics"

“Hermann Anton Haus [was] an Institute Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the world’s leading authorities on optical communications...his research and teaching ranged from fundamental investigations of quantum uncertainty as manifested in optical communications to the practical generation of ultra-short optical pulses (100,000 times shorter than a billionth of a second). Ultra-short laser pulses find applications in eye surgery, medical imaging and precision clocks, as well as in ultrafast instrumentation and fiber-optic communications. In 1994, the Optical Society of America recognized Dr. Haus’ contributions with its Frederic Ives Medal, the society’s highest award.” Full text at MIT News

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